Ayurvedic Destress Treatments

An effective and prominent Ayurveda program for the release of day-to-day strain and stress. It calms your mind, brings relaxation of the body, and slows down the pace.

The package includes different traditional Ayurveda massages for soothing the body, mind, & soul.

Therapeutic Services

We bring our vast experience of Panchkarma for  healing various ailments like,

Arthritis, Back Pain, Knee Joint Pain, Sciatica, Varicose Vein,
CTS & Tennis  Elbow, Spondylosis (lumbar, cervical), IVDP, Frozen Shoulder,Insomnia, Migraine,
Paralysis (Hemi, Quadra), among others.

Anti-Ageing & Detox Treatments

At Essence, we will utilize the essential detox therapies of Panchkarma along with inclusion of rasayanas in the diet.  Authentic Ayurvedic detox is not done piecemeal and are intended to be in a careful sequence, with each stage and step, physiologically, supporting the next. Our doctors, with their vast experience in Panchkarma, will prescribe the best treatment schedule for your body type.

Weight Reduction

We at Essence have a holistic approach to weight loss, with the right balance of exercise, diet and treatments. We have in house facilities for tailored yoga sessions monitored by expert Ayurvedic Doctors. We also advice specific diet based on your  body composition.

We provide Ayurvedic cellulite removal treatments to tone your  body. We have seen a weight loss of at least 2 Kgs in  14 days and up to 5 Kgs in 28 days of sessions. 

Post Pregnancy Care

Our comprehensive package include, In-home consultation and checkup by a Certified Ayurvedic Doctor, medicinal oil massage and medicated herbal bath (veda kuli), Medicated rice pudding to improve strength.

We bring all necessary equipment, including massage tables, medicines and disposables so that you don’t have to worry about arranging them.

Women Health Issues

We provide effective treatments for major women related issues like,

Hyper or Hypo Thyroid-ism
Hormone related disorders
Degenerative Disorders
Post Menopausal, PCOD, PCOS, among others

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