Back Pain

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Treatments 


For majority of cases of chronic lower back pain and sciatica, Ayurvedic pain relief treatments can be very effective in reducing or eradicating the pain and provides long lasting relief. It may as well reduce the necessity for pain killers and even surgery or injections.

Treatments may include a combination of KatiVasti, Medicinal Oil Massage, therapeutic Enema, kizhi and internal medicines. In addition to the treatments, dietary and lifestyle changes might be prescribed to avoid the causes of the lower back pain. 

Our doctor will do a free comprehensive Prakriti analysis and/or nadi analysis to determine the cause and recommend an optimum treatment schedule. For most cases, we see improvements within the first week of treatment. 

We provide pain relief treatments as package at discounted rates. Please call us on 0471 4099920 or 9995586811 to know more.